True Facts About Females

True Facts About Females

13 Unusual Facts About Females That Are Totally True – Nutshell School

  1. Women see more colors.
  2. The female body has a lower resistance to alcohol.
  3. Maturity is attractive.
  4. The average woman will eat 4 lb of lipstick in her lifetime.
  5. They hate taking risks.
  6. They might make their men fa.
  7. Style over comfort
  8. A heightened sense of smell
  9. The brain cells are packed more densely in the female brain.
  10. They are the unsung heroes of inventions.
  11. Heels were for men.
  12. Reading faces
  13. Long live women!

Some True Facts About Females :

– Women seeing on average 20% more differences in colors and shapes.

– Alcohol is even more dangerous for women as they are more prone to liver disease like hepatitis (an inflammation of the liver) and are more likely to die from liver cirrhosis (a chronic disease).

– Various studies have shown that a woman is more attractive the more fertile she looks, so women who have given birth, grown into a very feminine body, or do not use birth control are way more attractive to men.

– It comes down to women licking off or eating with food about 4 lb of lipstick in their life. That translates to 533.76 lipsticks.

– The anterior cingulate cortex, the part of the brain that weighs options when making a decision, is larger in women than in men.

True Facts About Females

Women brains are more complex than men:

Scientist studied that women brains are more complex than male once. Women have to perform multi task whether males just stick to their office work only.

Women can work 4times faster than males:

With same information women can work 4times faster than males, as women are smarter than men, they can handle any situation. Women are more mentally strong than males this happens because they are multitasking and can manage many work at a time.

So women you have a reason to take long sleep hours because your brain need more time for rest and recovery.

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