Story Of Shanti Devi’s Rebirth

Story Of Shanti Devi's Rebirth

Reincarnation: True Story Of Shanti Devi’s Rebirth | Real Incident From Past Life | Interesting Fact

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In 1930, a 4 year old named shanti deva from delhi, india, told her parents that she had once lived in a place called muttra (now known as mathura), that she had been a mother of three, who died in childbirth, and that her previous name was ludgi.

Because the girl continually related the story, her parents investigated. it turned out there was a village called muttra , and that a women named ludgi had recently died there.

They took shanti to the village where she began to speak the local dialect and recognized her previous-life husband and children. she even gave twenty four accurate statements matching confirmed facts about ludgi’s life. This is a story of shanti devi’s rebirth.

Did you know, when Shanti Devi, narrated her past life details to Mahatma Gandhi, he was shocked beyond belief and immediately ordered to set up a commission to investigate into this case.

Shanti Devi was born on December 11, 1926, into a Delhi-based family. By the time she turned four, Shanti began speaking and what she uttered, left her family in shock. She began reminiscing details of a past life. And that she wasn’t Shanti, but Lugdi Devi from Mathura.

She also revealed to her parents, about her real home in Mathura, where she once lived with her husband “Kedar Nath”. She also explained to them, how she died 10 days after giving birth to her child.

At first, Shanti’s parents discouraged her from telling fake stories. She was always turned down whenever she uttered anything about her past life and ignored her pleas to let her visit her home in Mathura.

Story Of Shanti Devi's Rebirth

Upset over her current family’s response to her claims, Shanti at the age of six ran away from her home and tried reaching Mathura. At the last minute, Shanti’s parents found her and she was brought back home.

Meanwhile in Delhi, one of Shanti’s school teachers sent a letter in the name ‘Kedar Nath’ at the same address, as mentioned by Shanti. To everyone’s surprise, a reply came from the real ‘Kedar Nath’.

As he reached Shanti Devi’s home in Delhi, he was immediately recognized by her. Kedar asked several questions related to the details about his life with his late wife, Lugdi, to which Shanti easily responded. Kedar was convinced that Shanti was his wife Lugdi.

The investigating team, along with Shanti Devi, reached Mathura on November 15, 1935. From there she guided the entire team through her relations in the past life, be it her home, relatives, son and local spots.

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