Interesting Facts About Abraham Lincoln

Interesting Facts About Abraham Lincoln

Top 9 Most Interesting Facts About Abraham Lincoln – Nutshell School

Abraham Lincoln was a licensed Bartender

He was a wrestler and lost just once in 300 matches.

Abraham was the first US leader who felt that women should be allowed to vote

He created a secret service

Abraham Lincoln dreamt of his assasination before it happened

Abraham was convinced by an 11 year old girl to grow his beard

He hated to be called “A B E’

He was the tallest US President

Abraham Lincoln kept his important documents in his hat

More Interesting Facts About Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln established Thanksgiving as a national holiday.

He was the first president born outside of the 13 original states.

Lincoln loved to eat oysters.

Lincoln’s cat ate at the White House dinner table.

His dog was named Fido.

His cat was named Tabby.

His favorite food was fruit.

He was also a big fan of chicken casserole.

Lincoln was the first president to use the telegraph.

He used the telegraph like email to communicate with generals.

Lincoln’s mother was killed by poisoned milk.

Lincoln’s life was saved twice when he was young.

Grave robbers were foiled in 1876 when they tried to steal Lincoln’s body.

He was the first president with a beard.

Lincoln argued a case before the Supreme Court in 1849 and lost.

Lincoln failed in his first business.

Interesting Facts About Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865), 16th President of the United States

Lincoln’s shoe size was between 12 and 14.

His coffin has been opened five times.

Lincoln was estranged from his father and didn’t attend his funeral.

Lincoln didn’t play musical instruments.

Lincoln served one term in the U.S. House of Representatives.

He ran for the U.S. Senate twice and lost.

Lincoln won the popular vote in Senate campaign against Douglas but lost the election.

Lincoln was shot on Good Friday.

Lincoln was photographed with John Wilkes Booth at his second inauguration.

There are no direct living descendants of Abraham Lincoln.

Booth’s brother saved the life of Lincoln’s son on a New Jersey train platform.

Lincoln was part of séances after his son died in the White House.

Lincoln’s animals also died in a White House stable fire.

Someone shot at Lincoln in 1864 and put a hole in his stovepipe hat.

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