Healthy Tips To Try This Week

Healthy Tips To Try This Week

Healthy Tips To Try This Week | Regular Habit, Lifestyle & Fitness Routine

Healthy Tips To Try This Week

Sunday – try ten minutes of meditation set the tone for your week.
Monday- wake up 1-2 hours earlier to work on tasks to make your day less stressful.
Tuesday- try bullet journaling, an analog to-do list.
Wednesday- tap your toes ( and generally start to fidget more) to increase blood flow to your limbs.
Thursday- eat some chocolate: it can improve cognitive performance.
Friday- have a night in. stay in with your significant other for more intimacy.
Saturday- take your dog out for a leisurely stroll. oh, and if you don’t have a dog, borrow one.

To ensure great health, you need a combination of conventional and alternative practices. Illness is not cured with one pill. Stress is not relieved with one massage, and health cannot be restored without looking at the big picture.

35 Simple Health Tips

  1. Develop relationships with health care practitioners you trust.
  2. Eat fruits and veggies.
  3. Rest when you are sick or tired.
  4. Be as kind to yourself as you are to everyone else.
  5. Laugh out loud.
  6. Do something that scares you.
  7. Trust your body.
  8. Floss.
  9. Maintain a healthy weight.
  10. Drink water.
  11. Quit smoking.
  12. Ask for help.
  13. Offer help.
  14. Meditate
  15. Visit the dentist.
  16. Walk barefoot.
  17. Slow down.
  18. Breathe Deeply.
  19. Sit Still.
  20. Spend time alone.
  21. Spend time with friends.
  22. Eat Colors not Calories.
  23. Get regular screenings.
  24. Sleep well.
  25. Drink Tea.
  26. Take it easy.
  27. Grow your own food.
  28. Turn your phone off in the car.
  29. Try chia seeds.
  30. Stop making excuses.
  31. Practice Yoga and Save the World
  32. Move every day.
  33. Read 10 Ways to Improve Your Health.
  34. Cook your own food.
  35. Be Grateful.

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Healthy Tips To Try This Week

Most of these tips are common sense, but without the time, space and attention, our personal health care sometimes moves to the bottom of the list in terms of priority. It is your responsibility to be healthy. It is your obligation to take care of you. Doctors can help, but your body will tell you what you need. Take the time to listen.

What do you think of these health tips? Anything you would add? Anything you do already that makes you feel great?

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