Facts About The Royal Family

Facts About The Royal Family

14 Facts About The Royal Family That Will Make You Say “What?!” – Nutshell School

The Royal Family are not allowed to play Monopoly.

Queen Elizabeth II prefers to wear very bright colors.

They always travel with black clothing

The Queen has been wearing the same $8 nail polish since 1989

The Queen celebrates 2 birthdays.

Non-royals aren’t allowed to touch them.

Members of the Royal Family have to accept absolutely all gifts.

The Queen uses her purse to send secret signals

They don’t have a last name

Prince Harry’s real name is Henry

The Queen drinks 4 cocktails every day

The Queen doesn’t need a passport to travel.

The Queen doesn’t need a driver’s license

After marrying into royalty, it’s not possible to ascend to the throne.

Some More Facts About The Royal Family

Queen Elizabeth II

If anyone knows how to celebrate, it’s Her Majesty. According to The Independent Queen Elizabeth enjoys a glass of champagne every evening—along with a dry Martini. And that’s not all. She also sips gin and Dubonnet before lunch and wine during lunch.

Facts About The Royal Family

Princess Diana was once a teacher

Before becoming engaged to Prince Charles in 1981, Diana held various jobs. She was first a nanny earning $5 an hour to play with kids, as seen in this image. And up until she and the Prince of Wales walked down the aisle in July of 1981, she was a kindergarten teacher at the Young England School.

Royals are not supposed to sign autographs

The long-standing rule is in place to prevent foreigners from using any family member’s signature, according to Time. But in January, Meghan Markle found a clever way around the requirement when she greeted fans, accepted a kiss, and signed a 10-year-old’s note outside Cardiff Castle in Wales. Since Markle hadn’t officially married Harry at the time—and since she wrote, “Hi Kaitlin,” instead of signing her name—she technically got away with it.

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