Facts About Puppies That Will Surprise You

fact about puppies

9 Surprising Facts About Puppies – Nutshell School

1. Puppies are born blind and deaf

2. They spend 15–20 hours a day sleeping

3. Puppies become ‘adults’ when they turn one

4. They like when you sing-talk to them

5. Puppies are born without teeth

6. The number of puppies depends on the breed

7. Puppies can be twins!

8. Newborn puppies can’t pooh

9. Looking at pictures of puppies is good for you!

10. The average body temperature for a dog is 101.2.

11. With an average lifespan of just over 11 years, the typical dog costs $13,500.

12. The only sweat glands a dog has are between its toes.

13. Dogs are omnivorous; they need to eat more than just meat.

14. Dogs have twice as many ear muscles as people.

15. Dogs will be submissive to anyone they feel is higher up in the pack.

16. People have been keeping dogs for pets for 12,000 years.

17. A female dog carries her puppies for about 60 days before they are born.

18. It is a myth dogs are color blind; they actually see color, just not as vividly as a person.

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Fun Facts About Puppies

facts about puppies

There’s one fact about puppies that everyone knows—that they’re so stinkin’ cute! We’ve discovered some facts about puppies that we couldn’t just keep to ourselves.

  • Their Normal Routine Is Sleep, Eat, RepeatIs your newborn puppy sleeping a lot? Good news, it’s totally normal! “They will sleep much like a human newborn in terms of several hours at a time, wake up to nurse and then return to sleep very shortly after that,”. Be sure to keep your new puppies cozy—after all, a puppy sleeping a lot deserves to snooze in a cloud of comfort. The Frisco Sherpa Lounger Circular Dog Bed is the perfect bed for your puppy to snuggle up in during this phase, and it will still provide a super-comfy resting spot for when she’s full-grown.

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  • They’re Born in an Undeveloped StateNewborn puppies are born undeveloped, meaning that puppies are born blind and deaf with no teeth. During this vulnerable stage in their lives, they need to be cared for and fed by their parents. If you happen to be caring for newborn puppies that have been orphaned or rejected, you can feed them PetAg Esbilac Puppy Milk Replacer Powder. This formula is specifically made for puppies that are newborn up to 6 weeks old and will nourish them with all the protein, fat and carbohydrates they need for optimal development.So, when do puppies open their eyes, start to hear and grow in some chompers? they will “open their eyes around 13 days of age (give or take 3 days). This date varies based on the breed of dog. The ears canals will open around 18-20 days of age, and their first set of teeth will begin to erupt at 4 weeks of age.”
  • Puppies Will Lose Their First Set of TeethOne of the biggest questions new puppy parents ask is, “When do puppies start teething?” Puppies can begin teething once their first teeth emerge, “but they will start losing that first set of puppy teeth, starting with the incisors, at around 3 and a half to 4 months of age. That is where the majority of the ‘teething’ is,”. You should be prepared for when that teething peak comes, so your pup chews on toys, not furniture! Puppy toys that can do the trick are the Nylabone Puppy Chew Teething Pacifier Dog Toy and the KONG Puppy Teething Stick Dog Toy.
  • You Can Get a Paw Reading on Your Pup’s Size Did you know that the size of your newborn puppy’s paw can help determine what size she’ll be full-grown? “The size of the dog’s paw can give you a rough estimate of the adult size of the dog, but it’s not foolproof,”. What this means is that they are only estimates, but “In general, the larger the paw, the larger the dog will be, because the paws will need to be able to support the large size of the dog’s body,”
  • Their Puppy Coat is Different From Their Adult Coat “Puppies are born with a single layer of softer fur, which they will shed around 4-6 months of age as their adult coat comes in,” This fun fact includes mostly all pups, except if you have a hairless puppy, of course. On top of that, you can expect the adult coat to be “thicker and coarser than the puppy coat,”

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  • Earlier is Better When It Comes to Puppy Training Puppies and training go hand in hand! Pet parents should ideally begin training when their newest additions are puppies. “Even 1-2 week old puppies can learn by simple association, despite the fact that they cannot even see or hear yet,” It’s no surprise that pet parents are usually eager to potty train their puppies; most puppy parents can’t live without potty pads, training treats and odor remover spray.

These are some amazing facts about puppies that will surprise you all.

Things like grooming requirements, exercise needs and space requirements are important too.

There is also the question of how close you want to be with your pet.

Some breeds like Italian Greyhounds, literally want to be with, and even on you, 24 hours a day, that’s why they are referred to as “velcro dogs”.

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Some, like Chows and Airedales, enjoy a little space, and may even be considered aloof.

Whichever pedigree puppy you choose, remember, they will become one of the family, and they will return your love 10 fold, so happy puppy hunting!

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