Benefits of Kiva Ayurvedic Shots

Benefits of Kiva Ayurvedic Shots

Benefits of healthy kiva Ayurvedic shots (Buy Online Now) . India’s ancient science, Ayurveda, has been getting significant traction from global consumer due to its innumerable health benefits. 

In the past couple of years, it has become one of the fastest-growing FMCG categories at 20-30 percent per year. The Indian Ayurveda market is now pegged at $2.5 billion and is expected to see a three-fold increase in market size, taking it to $8 billion, by 2022. 

Considering the growing potential of the market, several players have entered the space in the form of ready-to-eat snacks, foods and other variants. Major players like Dabur, Patanjali, Hamdard, Zandu Pharma, Emami, and others are fighting it out to get a larger share of the pie. 

However, Gurugram-based KIVA entered the market in 2016 with a unique proposition. Targeting the urban population, who often lack knowledge of the ancient science and are short of time, the startup intends to offer Ayurveda in a ready-to-drink form. 

Shalabh Gupta, 32, Founder of KIVA Shots, says: “KIVA is not just targeting current consumers of Ayurveda. With innovation  products, we are winning those consumers who today know about Ayurveda, but do not adopt it. Ayurveda is today where Yoga was 10 years ago!” 

Available across a large number of stores and online, KIVA shots are being sold in packs of six for Rs 150 and are available in seven variants that claim to be infused with different benefits. Consumers can choose from

Amla shots (as a vitamin C booster);

Lemon honey cinnamon (for weight management);

Wheat grass (for detoxification);

Apple cider vinegar (for boosting metabolism )

Started with a pilot in two stores in Gurgaon, the products are now available in over 100 stores in Delhi-NCR and also online via its own website and Amazon

So far, the company has sold over 5 lakh Ayurvedic shots and currently retails over 60,000 shots per month. 

Going ahead, it aims to grow 10 times in the next six months by adding new product categories, expanding presence to two other cities (Mumbai and Bengaluru). 

Benefits of Kiva Ayurvedic Shots

There are different shots aimed for different health issues having a unique set of ingredients.

Here are some healthy Benefits of Kiva Ayurvedic Shots

1. Lemon Honey Cinnamon for Weight Management (Click here to buy now) : Lemon helps to boost metabolism. Cinnamon builds bone strength and lowers cholesterol. 

2. Amla for Vitamin C Booster (Click here to buy now) : Amla is a very rich source of Vitamin C and also loaded with lots of anti oxidants and minerals & Vitamins. 

3. AloeVera for Tissue Repair (Click here to buy now) : Aloe Vera is so popular these days. They can work wonders for skin and helps to reduce blemishes. The Egyptians call it the “Plant of Immortality”. 

4. Amla Giloy and Ashwagandha for Immunity (Click here to buy now) : Amla again helps to boost immunity. Giloy and Ashwagandha helps to build inner strength. 

5. Triphala Cumin for Digestive System (Click here to buy now) : Triphala and Cumin are both known to help in the Digestion process. 

These are priced at INR25 each for 40ml. It is sufficient for a single dose. There is no added sugar. Shelf Life is for 6 months. 

They are convenient to use and easy to carry. Do share your experience if you have tested these.

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